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Welcome to Web-Litter

This is my digital coloring book and where I test my ideas.  You will enjoy the ride or I'll throw you out of the car.

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Latest News [main department] [top]

Amazon beta-tests and the Blogdrive editor enhance your blog content.
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Blogdrive rolled out their new entry editor.  It's all good.
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Betty tasting da wizzy-wig.  MMM good.  New features.
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The backstory of Web-Litter. Things you didn't want to know.
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Work [main department] [top]

I've been exploring the use of tags and social networks.
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Besides organizing the blog, I changed the layout theme to Industrial Purple.
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Scene [main department] [top]

I admit it.  I have a secret Second Life now.
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Tutorials [main department] [top]

Web-Litter FAQ - navigating this crazy space and other trivial matters
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Main menu of tutorials for your PC, HTML, Graphics and Blogdrive life.
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Here's a short tutorial about HTML color tags with the 216 color safe chart.
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Articles [main department] [top]

Could doing freelance work be for you?
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Amazon dynamic content links and Blogdrive
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Links [main department] [top]

Vintage Comic Covers - Artfully Redone has hundreds of prints of vintage art, historic photography and pop culture.

Restorion, L.L.C. - Restorion - The Path To Data Salvation! Automatic online backup of personal computer files.

Hollywood wants to know what YOU think. - View movie trailers and promos for new TV shows. Get free movie tickets and gift certificates.

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