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Tagging the Blogosphere

Part of the fun and power of the internet on a very basic level is making connections between things.  Think about it.  One of the foundations of the internet is HyperText Markup Language, or HTML, which allows people to link one web page to another related web page.

Different online communities are being created and people are finding ways to connect through social networks.  One of the ways people are finding other people who share their own interests is through tags.  Simply put, tags are just category names and social bookmarks that can be used with links, photos, and blog posts.

In order for you to use tags on your site, you simply need to know which social networks you wish to use and insert their code into your web page or blog post.  It isn't necessary to register with each online community to insert tags into your posts -- but by registering, the real benefit of driving traffic to your site is further enhanced because your visitors followed a tag that interests them to your post.

Here's are some established social networks that utilize tags:

There are a growing number of other free services and communities.  I will explore those in a follow-up tutorial.  For now, I just want to keep to the basics.

When you author a blog post here at BlogDrive, for example, the topic of your entry may be singular or multiple.  If you then wish to utilize more than one tagging network, you have a matrix of possibilities.  Deciding how to present your tags on your web site or blog post is up to you.

One idea that I've been playing with recently is singling out either the tag or the service.  Depending upon your web page design requirements or your blog post content, you may elect to choose just one service with multiple tags/categories or choose one tag and list multiple social networks.

For example, I could tag this blog entry like this:

  Technorati Tags: Blogosphere, Web-Design, Tutorial

 Blogosphere at Technorati Flickr Del.icio.us

Explore the various social networks.  Decide which one or ones you wish to use.  Each one has instructions about tagging on their site, or simply use my examples above and replace the tag names.

Registering with these sites could also provide you with other online resources.  As I promised, I will explore other services and post about them.  In addition, I have some simple tips and tricks that will fall under the tagging methodology that I'm saving for next time.


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