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Using Amazon and Blogdrive

Using the new Blogdrive entry editor, one should quickly become aware of the new Amazon feature located at the bottom, in the light blue form field.  It was called 'junk in da trunk' during beta testing.   Find out what else Amazon is testing right now and why I think it's a cool deal for all of us. [read more]

New Blogdrive Editor Released

Blogdrive rolled out its new entry editor. There has been a little grumbling as Blogdrivers go through the learning curve for the new editor.  Rather than compare the old editor to the new editor, which has more features, I'd rather list some handy links for help:

Blogdrive Help Forum
WYSIWYG Editor Tutorial (coming soon)
Basic HTML Help
Web Litter Tips & Tricks (coming soon)

Entry Editor Beta Test

I was able to participate in the beta-testing of the new blogdrive entry editor.  A small group of people are submitting feedback to blogdrive so your new editor will rawk.  Unfortunately, I've promised not to say much more than that, but you can check out an entry made with the new editor with some comments


After almost of year, I have finally decided to make an effort to explore the possibilities of the Web-Litter blog.  If you want to read about Web-Litter's sordid genesis, tales of drama and self-exploration, and the long, humid spaces in between -- this is the untold story -- until now.

Briefly, I originally was going to make Web-Litter into a magazine-styled,
adult-themed, group blog.  After failing to get firm commitments with various erotica writers, I gave up that endeavor and moved on.

Since the Web-Litter blog was essentially laying around dormant, I decided to turn it into my digital coloring book for blog theme and graphic design experiments.  Also, I continue to explore the non-chronological configuration available at Blogdrive in order to make a magazine-styled blog.

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