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BD Editor 101

BD editor

Here is a reference for the basic entry editor functions on Blogdrive. It shows the default WYSIWYG view (as opposed to the optional HTML view) with some brief explanations for the icons that are used.

WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get."

The majority of commands require that you first highlight the text that you wish the editor to perform some function upon. The highlighted text could be a word, phrase or several paragraphs. Click and drag your mouse cursor across the text to first highlight it, then select a command from the editor by clicking its icon. It should be noted that many of the standard keyboard short cuts for text editing work in the Blogdrive editor, too. Examples of this are ctrl-x, ctrl-c, or ctrl-v for the commands cut, copy or paste.

Some of the commands may prompt you to simply select something from a list of options, such as smilie icons or extended characters. Other commands will activate a pop-up window into which you must enter additional information, such as the location of the image file or the web address of the page you wish to link in your entry.

Most of the functions of the Blogdrive entry editor are practically self-explanatory once you learn some of the basics. While some of the commands are technically quite impressive -- like inserting images from an optional PhotoBucket account -- this happens in the background while keeping the commands very user friendly.

With the right attitude to experiment and learn some simple new skills, any person on our expanding digital planet can use the Blogdrive editor to consistently publish a clean, professional and quality blog.

Do you have something to say to the world? Now, you can say it.


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