ayel » great! this is a very helpful blog...
eizu » yep u have some wickednes!!!
Daniel » Wicked cool blog.. thing. I like it.
J f Z » <-- New game for me?
Mephala » This is secret?
Tigerrr » peekaboo! ive discovered yourhot purple site
J f Z » test
J f Z » It says that in the ALT, if you put your cursor over the image and your browser supports displaying the manila colored ALT or TITLE pop overs.
J f Z » The image above with the film negatives is not me. That's my 'little brother' Xavier.
Debauched » Your two pictures are hard to reconcile, J f Z. You look like two different persons!
ArLo » it's been a while. nice layout you got here. purple.
Jane » Hi ! Nice layout !
Lyly » *walks in, shuts door* Nice place here...
J f Z » Because of the size, the 256 color GIF v. of that file was larger. Reducing colors further wrecked the perspectives really bad. Slow may be BD or Photobucket servers. It's only 24kb
Daveman » I like your headers but if I may be so bold - load slow. Maybe save them as GIFs, would speed it up some. I know., I know.. "Dave - shup".
lucinda » it is so awesome and cool
plh » hey JfZ!
kenisha » hi
skennedy » Merry hoho, buddy.
plh » good morning!!!
wailfulrhyme » i like the coloyyy--urs... *orgasms*
J f Z » Web Litter site remodel to Industrial Purple theme